Political Rant

I am disgusted by the current political debate about the ‘Collusion’ of Gen. Flynn with Russia during the latest elections. Let me give you a number of points why it is so much Bu……. Everyone in Washington in a political position interacts regularly with the Russian Ambassador.  All of these Congressmen who are so up […]

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Some Reviews I have done

Smoking is Dangerous! Transform Your Life Now! One last puff! Let me throw a spoiler into the mix. This book contained no surprises for me. It took the usual litany of procedures and applied it well to the quit smoking prospects. List the pros and cons, list … The Creation: In The Beginning (The Creation […]

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It made me blush!

I read Lover of the Voodoo Priestess by Joan Barron in the evening of the first day after I bought the book. It was an easy read, and it did not lack for scenery and atmosphere. Think Historical Romance meets Erotica meets Hustler. We follow Lucian, a newly arrived Playwright in Haiti. Practically as soon […]

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The Political 10% Solution

Well, we finally have a President-Elect, and he is the one that I settled for when the rest of the Republicans fell off the board. What a surprise it was to Democrats, Republicans, supporters and opponents alike! Now it is time to get to work. The news people are as surprised as everyone else, but […]

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Trump or Hillary?

What a strange political season we are having! It is the clash of the Sociopaths. On the one side, we have the man who is half business man, and half child. On the other hand, we have what amounts to a career criminal, who is suspected as guilty of ‘Pay for Play’, coercion, intimidation, felony […]

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