Political Rant

I am disgusted by the current political debate about the ‘Collusion’ of Gen. Flynn with Russia during the latest elections. Let me give you a number of points why it is so much Bu…….

  1. Everyone in Washington in a political position interacts regularly with the Russian Ambassador.  All of these Congressmen who are so up in arms about him talking to the Ambassador has done the same thing.
  2. No one with knowledge has stated that he actually divulged any sensitive information to the Russians.
  3. Collusion is when a member of group A works with group B to the intentional detriment of Group A. There is no evidence of this, and nobody with knowledge has stated otherwise in the case of Gen. Flynn.
  4. Every Hacker of any skill uses Russian hacking tools, and they use Russian servers to obscure their real locations. Those tools and servers are so popular, because Russia is a technological Wild West.
  5. While Russian tools and servers were used in the hacks, there is no evidence that any Russians actually did the hacking.

In short, the Gen. Flynn controversy is a trumped up propaganda piece, designed to make the Trump administration have egg on their face. The only part of this story that has any connection to the Russians is the ‘Pravda’ like nature of our current political and news agency information spinning, and the developing Socialist Fascism of the current strange version of the Liberal section of our government.


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