It made me blush!

I read Lover of the Voodoo Priestess by Joan Barron in the evening of the first day after I bought the book. It was an easy read, and it did not lack for scenery and atmosphere.
Think Historical Romance meets Erotica meets Hustler. We follow Lucian, a newly arrived Playwright in Haiti. Practically as soon as he arrived, he was busy satisfying his new Patroness, the Countess DeVarennes, in a form of art even older than his official trade.
In his spare time, he manages to comfort a Mother Superior and a few nuns at the local nunnery, as well as doling out comfort and silver coins to many of the eager slave women in the neighborhood. The Voodoo Priestess mentioned in the title of this book also partakes of his virtues as a value added to her services.
This type of book is not quite my usual cup of tea. I tend to enjoy sex in literature in a more implicit than explicit form. If I were a major reader of Erotica, this is the sort of story I would pick to read.
The mixture of French and Haitian cultures and the good grasp of the civilized society of the 1700’s is a wonderful aspect of this book that most Readers will enjoy, even the ones like me who has to read the book with one eye shielded from the sexual Olympics.


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