The Political 10% Solution

Well, we finally have a President-Elect, and he is the one that I settled for when the rest of the Republicans fell off the board. What a surprise it was to Democrats, Republicans, supporters and opponents alike! Now it is time to get to work.

The news people are as surprised as everyone else, but they should not be surprised. Let me tell you why. The majority of Journalists are Democrats.

Over the last few years, the liberal response to opposition has been to keep repeating the same thing, over and over, until the opponent accepts it. The less supportable their stance is, the more insistently do they repeat it, without explanation.

The process is a kind of party-wide spin. Repeat the same thing enough times, and the rest of humanity starts to believe that it must be true. Flood the airwaves with a parade of women that claim that the Donald molested them in the last two weeks of the campaign, and America will believe that molestation is the only activity that has ever engaged the Donald’s attention. Repeat over and over how Hillary is too far ahead of Donald for him ever to catch up, and he is a loser in the minds of America.

Fortunately for America, it didn’t work this time. We have chosen Crazy over Criminal. With Clinton, we had no hope to survive the coming four-year term. With Trump, I believe there is a ten percent chance that we might pull our tails out of the fire.

It is a long slog up the hill to fix this country. We have a debt of about twenty trillion dollars, unfunded liabilities around 140 trillion dollars, and a lot of stuff to fix. We also have to redefine why and how we interact with the international community.

We have to have borders, the rule of law, adherence to constitutional limits on government power and upgrade our citizen’s ability to earn a living, and our businesses ability to provide jobs to those citizens. This is just the start.

Every citizen needs to have some Libertarian traits to keep our country on the straight and narrow. Keep your eyes open, people, and demand changes where you think they need to be made, and for God’s sake, throw the book at any criminals you see using political positions to commit more crimes, no matter who they are.


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