Trump or Hillary?

What a strange political season we are having! It is the clash of the Sociopaths. On the one side, we have the man who is half business man, and half child. On the other hand, we have what amounts to a career criminal, who is suspected as guilty of ‘Pay for Play’, coercion, intimidation, felony counts of disregard of National Security in various ways, and a general all around liar. And don’t forget the 50 or so people who have come into conflict with the Clinton family in the past, and woke up dead not too long afterward.

You may be able to tell that I am not in the Clinton camp. I grew up in the State where he was Governor, and he was well known for getting the State Troopers to pick up his dates for him, and that Mena Airport was busy flying the drugs in every Saturday night. Back then, farmers usually voted Democrat, which was the legacy party for farmers since before the Civil War. That has changed over the last thirty years, since farmers would like to survive.

Here is how I see the election. You can vote for Trump, or you can vote for Hillary. I would like to vote for the Libertarian, but not Johnson, and not with such a small percent of the vote going that way.

If you vote for Trump, you are taking a change. No one knows what he will be like, not even me. All I know is that our Country is on the edge of collapse, and he may be a good choice. Anything is better than what we have now.

If you vote for Hillary, consider what you are voting for. She is guilty of dozens of criminal acts, as will eventually come out in the recovered emails. If she becomes President, she will either have to be Impeached, or she will be the final straw that breaks our legal system, establishing a different legal outcome for criminal acts for persons in powerful positions than exists for the average citizens.

You need not even consider what the candidates will do in office. Just consider what their very existence as President of our Country will do to our Country.

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