Everthing you Know is Wrong



What if everything that you thought was just a myth was true?

Imagine that billions of years ago, great chaotic entities came to Earth. Call them the Great Old Ones, or the Outer Gods, they are the ancient evil god beings that Lovecraft thought that he imagined, but really just remembered.

Imagine millions of years later, beings like humans, but larger, with greater minds and a power to enslave those around them came to Earth. What if they created smaller, weaker versions of themselves to be their subjects and slaves?

Imagine these Anunnaki trying to hang on to power on a Planet of Billions. They can control anyone with the power of their mind, but they cannot control billions all at once. Desperation like that for power brings a bloodbath.

Imagine a book about this world of the Great Old Ones cast out, and the Creators of Man desperate to control their creations. In a Earth where infinite alternate Earths interact with each other, John has the power to alter reality around him in unusual ways, and he has been called ‘The Hand of this World’ by gods from other worlds.

His is the task to bring death to the enemies of Man, to fight the things that comes from other places.

New book. New Kickstarter campaign to do it right. visit the page at

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