A Review of Black Hawk Day Rewind


The ride made me a little Dizzy

I received a copy of Black Hawk Day Rewind from the Authors to read and review. I discovered a world of espionage and black ops that I could really get into.
Bits of future tech, such as robots, were mentioned in an off the cuff manner in the book, introducing the Reader to the fact that such things existed, and were being used. I liked the low-key way the Authors let us know that we were reading about a very high tech world.
Our hero is Mark Savannah, who used to be Barnet Cooper. He was the son of a man who was in M16, and who died under mysterious circumstances. Barnet decided to join M16 as well, and he finds out that his father may have died under suspicious circumstances. It started to look a lot like his father was in the wrong place at the wrong time, in the wrong company. Our hero wanted to find the right person and have a terminal chat with him.
Soon enough, he is on the outs with the company, and they have sent a specialist to downsize his life. Along the way, Mark has discovered that a super-soldier program is threatening to make the world a much more interesting place.
There is enough action and spy-craft in this book to keep anyone entertained for a long time. The editing of the book appears virtually flawless, and every page moves the plot forward.
I must assume that one of the Authors have lived in the world of espionage in some capacity. If not, then a significant amount of research went into making this book happen. Either way, the detail in the storyline makes Mark Savannah’s world a believable world.
The only thing that I would change would be the reading format. This is a long book, full of details, and it may be too long for the average Reader to read on an eBook reader. I would suggest that the Reader might want to buy the book in a print format, so that they can enjoy reading it using a physical bookmark. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys any of the genres and subgenres of spy thrillers.

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