Life is Full of Magick

This is a review of the Book



I received a copy of this eBook from the Author to read and review.
We all live in a world where the ultimate Truth seems to lie in our devices and our possessions. We see our world as a concrete place of action and reaction. There is no room in it for supernatural events. Destiny, or Karma, or even the entangled state that we all experience occasionally as synchronicity are all discounted as unreal.
Tom’s British legacy comes out in his writing. As we all know, Writers from the Isles can exhibit this heritage in many ways. In Tom’s case, the writing is concise, clear, flowing, and highly readable. I did not find any errors in his grammar or spelling. The book meets the definitions of a professionally produced piece of Literature. It is well written and edited, with a light yet intricate book cover that portrays well the mood and the content of the book.
He approaches the subject of using magic from a pragmatic point of view, and incorporates the point of view of the New Age magic practitioner, along with the nuts and bolts of using the ‘magic’ that we all engage in every day, without ever quite realizing or controlling it properly. I am going to reinterpret his message in a way more my process than his, and I apologize in advance for any cognitive errors that might crop up in my version. Here are the essentials of the book.
We use the tools of magick every day, and somehow we miss the point of their magical nature.
We meditate, we set goals, we set both negative and positive expectations of our world, and then we fail to see that we are always reaping the results of the spells we have cast. No matter what school of magical thought we agree with, the fundamentals of magick is visualization, affirmation, meditation, and goal setting. We sometimes use symbols to focus our power on our goals.
We are surrounded by Magick every day, in everything we do. If we want to control this part of our lives, and get those things we truly want, and stop those things we do not want, we probably should pick up a copy of ‘New Magic for a New Era’ and read it now.

You can find this book on Amazon.

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