I Love Armd



This is an entertaining tale from the point of view of the controlling programs for the cybernetic implants of a young man, known to them as User. Each of these programs controls a specific function, so I guess you could call them the device driver programs.

The story is about a young man with a new replacement of his amputated arm by an old cyber arm, controlled by a hilariously insane nanodaemon. Most of the cyber dialogue is geek level jokes and puns, and it is funny throughout the story.

One neat detail is that when the man lost his arm, a dog, who was sort of a mascot, at the construction site that the man worked at, was hurt in the same accident, and he was also fitted with several cybernetic replacements. In addition, our hero stumbled into a situation, and was framed for murder.

It is fun to watch as the nanodaemons struggle to help the man survive, and to overcome the opposition. It was a little challenge to translate the techno geek speak into something resembling a language with which I am familiar, but then, it is the journey, not the destination, that is the prize in this one.

Only one thing marred this one for me, mostly because I was never sure if it was deliberate or accidental. Several sentences were repeated in the text, as though there was multiple copy and paste errors. I could see this as an editing error, or as a cyber-world commentary. I was not sure which it was.

Regardless, it was funny, and thought provoking, and I highly recommend the book to the more computer oriented of the readership universe. It is worthy of a five star ranking, and the appreciation of Readers everywhere.


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