A Review Of Dreamer of Dreams

Dreamer of DreamsDreamer of Dreams by Ray Dacolias

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Saw It a Little Differently

This book is a set of four well-written stories, each one different from the other three, and each one with something important to say. The stories flowed in an enjoyable way, the editing was first rate, and the subject and storyline of each one was very entertaining and, dare I say it, they all had something important to tell the readers.
The first tale in this set of stories is Unification. It follows a man who assumes god-like powers, when he falls into an endless shaft that he sees as the ‘Source’. There are many ways to interpret what this story is about, but let me give you my opinion.
This is a story about a man who is ascending toward some sort of godhead. He is able to heal, raise the dead, and do all of those other things that are usually reserved for the one God. During this time, he sees the magnificence of the mortal world, and he partakes of the infinite acts of the immortal world. He begins to see himself as the creator, and yet he knows that he is part of the Created, not the Creator. Another man has made the same fall into the Source, and he takes the position of Satan versus God. Between them, they explore the possibility of the Art of God leaving the canvas of creation, and becoming the Artist himself. I will leave you to read the story, and see how it all comes out.
“Traveling at the Speed of Love” is a story about a couple. The wife is at Cape Canaveral, ‘astro-skyping’ with her husband on Mars. When she discovers that he is in mortal danger, and that she cannot reach him to warn him with the signal lag time between their positions, she demonstrates that it is not just particles that are quantum entangled.
“The Expanding Earth” is a strange tale, about additional miles and travel time mysteriously adding themselves into each additional trip taken, first by a ‘OCD’ family of documenters (of everything), and then it becomes obvious to everyone, everywhere. I read snippets of this tale several different times. To be honest, each time I found a different approach to interpretation. I am still not sure what the Author was getting at, but it was entertaining to consider the possibilities.
“The Vision” tells the tale, of what happens with a scientific and antireligious skeptic brought face to face with proof of the existence of God and the supernatural. You may see this story as a way to analyze what beliefs are, and what role they play in a human life.
All four of these tales are far more intricate and imaginative than my poor words can portray. Suffice it to say that, should you choose to read this book, I believe that you will enjoy it.

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