I Love Armd

  This is an entertaining tale from the point of view of the controlling programs for the cybernetic implants of a young man, known to them as User. Each of these programs controls a specific function, so I guess you could call them the device driver programs. The story is about a young man with […]

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A Review Of Dreamer of Dreams

Dreamer of Dreams by Ray Dacolias My rating: 5 of 5 stars I Saw It a Little Differently This book is a set of four well-written stories, each one different from the other three, and each one with something important to say. The stories flowed in an enjoyable way, the editing was first rate, and […]

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This One has Street Cred

A review of Deluge, Edited by Allen Taylor I have a lot of respect for the work of the Editor of this multi-Author volume of Deluge related stories. Mr. Taylor has gone to a lot of work to put it together. I know this, for a fact. Getting multiple Authors to go along with any […]

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Process or Program?

Originally posted on Jack's Blog:
Process or Program? This is for all those unfortunate writers (like me) who aren’t blessed with the ability to start writing and keep writing a complete story without the need to stop and outline or at least brainstorm a plan for the flow of the plot. Frankly I don’t…

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A Normal World

  A Review of Dhungwana 2117: A captivating sci-fi novel: The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1 This is an interesting mix of science fiction, social commentary, and what I like to call Harbinger Fiction. Harbinger Fiction is the sort of fiction that loves to scream of things to come, regardless of other genre evoking elements. […]

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