Editing Cheatsheet For Indie Authors


You can pay $0.99 to see this little paper on Amazon, or you can check it out here for free.

Editing Cheatsheet
For Indie Authors

By JD Lovil

Copyright © 2015 JD Lovil
Published by JD Lovil Publishing

This is the first of a series of short papers that I will compose to consolidate the free and low-cost resources that an Indie Author needs to create, polish, publish, and promote his Masterpiece. I hate to charge for such short works, but some sites that I want to submit these papers to will insist on it, so let us try 99 cents as the cost.

If you do not have an Editor on hand to edit, proofread, and improve your work, you will have to do it yourself. You know the old saying about having a fool for a client, but some of us would rather eat, if the choice is eating, or hiring an editor. I thought maybe that you might like a list of software, which may help you.

1. Start your editing using the Word Spelling & grammar checker.

2. Use a free sentence and grammar checker to analyze (first pass) sentence structure and readability:

3. Do a second pass for readability and other problems using the Hemingway app:

4. Check for punctuation errors using Gregory’s Writing Site:

5. Do another spell check pass using spellcheck24:

6. Strip format errors out of your manuscript using Notepad or JEdit:

7. Do a copy and paste transfer of your work from the Editor (notepad or JEdit) back into Word. Do a final spelling and grammar pass using Ginger:

8. Use Natural Reader at the end of your edit, to see how the words flow. You will catch many mistakes that would slip past your eyes, otherwise. Check it out at:

In some cases, you will be tempted to purchase the paid versions of these applications. Don’t do it, unless you decide, after extensive use, that the full version would be useful enough for you to justify the purchase.

Once you have written your future Best Seller, you need to write a book description, or ‘Blurb’. Dust off your best Sales Letter talent, and check out this site for using limited HTML to spruce your blurb up:

When you try to get a manuscript through the Smashwords ‘meat grinder’ (an affectionate name for the multi-format conversion process that Smashwords uses to convert your Word file to various formats), some problems come from not following the submission guide. One big problem is that Word’s automatic formats need to be stripped out, and a limited number of simple formats need to be created and used instead of the standard styles. Read the style guide, and ‘nuke’ the file using JEdit.


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