A Review of Cara’s Twelve, by Chantel Seabrook

Virgin to Queen in 12 Easy Dates

This book constituted a hard left turn in the reading life of a Science Fiction reader and writer. I had some hope that I would find syfy type enjoyment from an unannounced appearance of ‘The Goddess Annul’. I have to give a toss up grade on that. I did enjoy reading this book, even though it was not what I generally read. I will follow my what I didn’t like, then what I liked format on reviewing Cara’s Twelve.

Cara finds that she is the next Queen of the kingdom as the relative of Annul, and is soon in the midst of endless intrique and danger. She has to take a tour of all twelve of the provinces of the Kingdom, with a representative potential hubby from each one in tow. Some are good guys. Some are bad guys. Some are warriors. A few are more girly than Cara is. Did I mention that the old Queen wasn’t quite ready to resign?

In my normal reading, the characters are props, to show off the tech and the world that the science has made. I consider too much character development to be a bit squishy, and somewhat disturbing. I was indeed disturbed by the character of most of the members of the group. The warrior types were too stupidly aggressive. The wimps were a little too wimpy. I never could figure out if the initially virginal Cara belonged in the nice girl or the convenience girl category.

My philosophy is simple. Eliminate your enemies. Keep your word. Tell the truth to those you care about. Every character in this book found a way to make me want to massage them gently about the head with a big club.

The reason the characters disturbed me is because they are complex, and not pure like I like’em. I have to admit that they are very well developed, and the writing is engaging. I did notice a few typos in the book, but not enough to effect the reading flow.
I would call this a Romance, set in a Fantasy Kingdom setting, with vague references to what might have been a magical origin with the Goddess. Even though it is not my usual fare, I did find myself wanting to read the next chapter.

I would recommend this book to romance and fantasy readers for fun, and to tech heads to provide entertaining frustrations.


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