Setting Up a Design Brief for a Cover Contest (Part 1)

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Lee Dunning

So you’ve checked with all your friends, dug out your old refrigerator drawings you mom saved from when you were six, and you’ve come to the dismal conclusion, you don’t have access to the artistic talent needed for your new book baby. It deserves the best, so you check under the cushions of your couch and scrounge up $300 (wow!), open an account with 99Designs (since I’ve dealt with them for about a year, I’ll use them as my default example), start a contest and sit back waiting for wonderful covers to show up for your perusal.

And you wait. And you wait. And something resembling dog barf on digital canvas shows up. You scratch your head, wondering why other authors are getting exciting entries and you aren’t. Let’s go through a few things to see what you might have done wrong.

1) Did you provide a title for your…

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