Interview With Author JD Lovil (Jigsaw World, Science Fiction)

A Blog interview for you to read.

Fantastic Indie Authors

JD Lovil Kindle

helmet 004

In your own words, please describe your book.

This book follows a seemly normal guy named Tom, as he takes a road trip in a world where monsters and strange things are behind the many disasters that befall the world. He knows that he is not as normal as he seems, since he can see the creatures behind the events that others can’t. Also, he cannot remember anything that happened in his life more than twenty years ago, but he dreams of things that happened hundreds of years before as though they happened to him.

As the story progresses, he accumulates several companions in his journey, which becomes a quest to fix the very fabric of reality of the world that they live in. During this process, Tom has to examine his strange connection to murders around him, and find his equally strange destiny.

What genre/genres does your book fall…

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