Put a Wrap on it

Check this out. It is good advice from a writer who knows her book art!

Lee Dunning

So, as writers we create images by stringing a series of words together that we hope the reader will find evocative. We focus on that, and then when it comes time to self-publish we get hit with the realization we need an actual picture to represent to the buying public what they’ll find buried in our hundred-thousand-word new born. It can be a trifle … unsettling.

If you fancy yourself a visual artist of sorts, you can tackle this project yourself. Maybe you have a skilled friend you can hit up for a favor. Quite a lot of folks do not have these as options. What to do?
You can go to web sites with premade covers. There you sort through their offerings, in the hopes that someone just happened to capture the look and feel of your story. You choose the cover, pay for it, and they add the…

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