They are Illegal Aliens!!!!

I love the way people try to get us to back down on the issue of illegal border crossers. They call them Undocumented Immigrants. What a farce! If I forget my license and insurance card at home, I am undocumented. If I don’t have these things, I am an illegal driver.

Now we have all kinds of Kids coming over the border. Somehow, we have to get the flow to stop. I thought of a few ways.

Let’s take the foreign aid from each of the countries these kids come from and apply it to the problem for the next 18 years. Lets take the adoptable kids and let natural born citizens only adopt them. Have a judge seal the adoption file, and order all parties to not contact the original family under penalty of prison.

Let’s send the unadoptable kids back over the Mexican border, and let them deal with it. Let’s take all the illegals that are able (say 14 years old and older) and sentence them to a special detail building the border fence. 

You get the idea. Think it might work? If this doesn’t do it, how about landmine strips down the border line?

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