It looks like the Executive branch is going to be able to sweep the IRS scandal under the rug, just like it has for the other scandals. Let me remind you about them. GSA,Killing of our Diplomats in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA, and dozens of anti-privacy semi-scandals like continuation of the Patriot Act, National Debt and the steady advance of our country toward being an overt police state.

Our constitution is under attack. It is the only thing standing between citizens and absolute tyranny, and now the first, second and fourth amendments are all under intense attack by the government sworn to protect it!

It is time to get rid of the IRS, and institute a simple National sales tax. It is time to rid ourselves of the Federal police forces, including the NSA and all of the other three-letter agencies. It is time to get rid of the EPA, the Fed, the Home Land Security Agency, and take all of those powers away from the Federal government that are not specifically given to it by the Constitution. Federal government has no business in Education. Any politician that does not want to do these things should go.

The second amendment is not about self-defense. It is about standing up to the tyranny of a federal government gone wrong, and winning. Do you have a rocket launcher, automatic weapons and advanced weapons that can take out planes, tanks and the other things the federal government could field in a civil war. I sure don’t.

Let the States have back their power, and privatize things like infrastructure and services both national and interstate. Or do you really enjoy seeing the road crews leaning on shovels instead of working?

The books should be opened by the government on everything they do. No more secrets. If we are worried about cyber-war, remember that we have the best hackers in the world. Let’s use them.

Bring our soldiers home. It is time to stop messing around with the affairs of other countries. If they attack us, Nuke them. If we didn’t engage in geo-politics all these years, many of the most messed up countries would have found their way to some form of capitalist/democracy system. The Islamic countries will never be truly democratic, as long as they have a Theocratic religion. Stop messing with them.

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